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Build your career with Australian qualification.

Study at an Australian university – gain an international qualification

After graduating in Australia, you will be able to work in companies around the world.

Australian Education has a strong international reputation and is known for its innovative, practical and efficient teaching methods. Australia is a young, vibrant and a friendly country where students can live, learn and grow. It is a multicultural country making it a culturally promoting cultural diversity and harmony, making it easier for anyone coming in feels welcomed and safe.

We represent many colleges and universities of Australia that offers many courses. Gulmohar Education and Migration Service’s Qualified Education Agents have been offering in-depth information and advice that would assist prospective students and their aspirations to study in Australia turn into reality. Our counselors are highly qualified, competent and committed to provide you the right guidance to suit your career goals.

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We work together and closely providing you advice and support to help you find the right the career path.

Gulmohar Services

Gulmohar offer wide range of services people around the Australia or overseas.


Australian Education helps international students gain globally recognized qualification that forms a basis for a successful career.

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Tax Return

We provide individual in-house tax return services associated with S&S Accounting.


Migration is intricate field where legislation and regulation are constantly evolving.

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Since its establishment, we have been helping International Student to find accommodation. Rental Expenses $200-$280 per week

Home Loan

Gulmohar Mortgage Solution understand the needs of the client and provide free services to process the home loan as per the standard.

Airline Ticketing

We help our clients to find Economic Class to Business Class airline ticket in affordable price via Gulmohar International Travel.

Affiliated Universities and Colleges

Gulmohar offer wide range of courses available through universities and colleges

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